Sour tapioca flour…beware!

December 10, 2009

Tapioca flour/starch is indispensable in my gluten-free baking because of its mild taste and the wonderful texture it adds to any baked good. Occasionally, however, after eating some gluten-free baked good, an offensive aftertaste lingers in my mouth. It almost seems as though someone dumped extra baking soda into the dough.

The culprit? Bad tapioca flour. Every once in a while I open a bag of tapioca flour and catch a whiff of that sour smell. A quick taste confirms the tapioca is inedible. I have also had this experience with gluten-free mixes that perhaps have sat on the shelf too long. So I am issuing this warning – taste your tapioca flour before baking with it. It should not have a lingering sour, baking soda taste.

Happy baking!

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