Favorite hot cocoa mix

May 18, 2010

I much prefer a cup of hot cocoa in the morning to a cup of coffee. The problem with most commercial hot cocoa mixes isn’t gluten but, rather, hydrogenated oils and weak flavor. I choose a decent quality cocoa powder (avoid generic brands…Hershey’s makes a wonderful product for everyday use, in my opinion) and I add coconut cream powder for richness without the dangers of hydrogenated oils. I know some folks feel strongly about avoiding saturated fats completely, so you can read my post about coconut oil to find out a bit more about why I am a fan. Coconut cream powder is powdered coconut milk, not coconut flour or shredded coconut, and it can be found at most Asian markets or from Wilderness Family Naturals.

Vanilla sugar is also a wonderful addition, but you can use regular sugar and add a dash of vanilla extract with the hot milk as well. If you are in France, you can just add a couple packets of sucre vanillé to the mix and use regular granulated sugar.

We don’t have a microwave in our room currently, so I usually fill the cup about 3/4 full with very hot water from the electric tea kettle and then fill it the rest of the way with whole milk from the fridge, which brings my cocoa to just the right temperature for immediate sipping. Can you tell I take my cocoa pretty seriously? 😉 Enjoy!

  • 3 C dry milk
  • 2 C vanilla sugar
  • 1 ½ C unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 4z coconut cream powder
  • 1 tsp table salt

Mix ingredients together thoroughly and store in a covered container. Fill a mug about a quarter full of hot cocoa mix and add hot water or milk. Stir well and enjoy.

One Response to “Favorite hot cocoa mix”

  1. Bob said

    The coconut cream is an inspired addition! I will be sure to try it out. Thanks!

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